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Let Our Voice Run 2022

21 Nov - 27 Nov 2022

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Let Our Voice Run is a 3-year campaign organized by Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) that focuses on raising awareness and addressing sexual harm and dating violence experienced by young adults in tertiary institutions.

This is through having conversations on building respectful relationships and safe campus communities through collective efforts with concerned stakeholders.

Mission statement: To bring victim/survivor-centered restorative processes based on safety and active responsibility, to address sexual and dating violence amongst students in IHLs.

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Lovr 2021

ended with a Bang !!

We raised a total of SGD$16,328 with donations and the participation of

168 community members!

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Floral Card

If you have been impacted by sexual harm and/or dating violence and would like to have a conversation,

Do drop us a message below...

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