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Virtual Community Run 2021

Virtual Run to End Sexual Violence

Date: 28 November 2021

On 28 November 2021, 168 community members ran, walked and/or cycled for Let Our Voice Run. 168 participants all over Singapore engaged in different physical activities to raise awareness about issues of sexual and dating violence. Besides running/walking/cycling, participants also generated insightful chats with their friends and family about themselves, their awareness of the issues, experiences of unhealthy relationships, and the need to set healthier boundaries for self and others. Besides challenging themselves, participants found the run to be meaningful as it allowed them to have assuring and deep conversations. As a group of participants reflected "It was a good time of reflection and conversations and it allowed us to raise awareness and have healthy conversations."

. A total of $16,328 was raised. A big heartfelt thanks for the support and contribution to peacefully ending violence in campus communities. Despite only being able to engage in virtual activities, we felt that we were able to learn and have meaningful conversations together during our virtual run and week of activities. Thank you to all community members for joining our circle and being part of the LOVR community!

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