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Tying Shoelaces

Virtual Community Run

Annual Run to Raise Funds

Since its launch in 2020, Let Our Voice Run has grown into a campaign with a stronger resolve to peacefully end violence and to encourage more restorative initiatives that drive meaningful conversations about the impact of sexual harm on the lives of young adults. Let Our Voice Run invites participants to go the extra mile and support victim-survivors of sexual harm and dating violence with their best efforts. The virtual run brings together friends, family, and concerned stakeholders in a similar cause and encourages them to reflect on the importance of building relationships based on mutual respect and consent.  


All proceeds will go towards building the capacity of student champions and campus personnel to adopt restorative initiatives to provide support to survivors of sexual harm and dating violence. This will also help in introducing more platforms for persons in IHLs to engage in conversations to strengthen connectedness and foster collective ownership to address sexual harm.

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Help us to sustain our work. 

Your donation and support will allow LOVR to continue to provide free workshops and services for students in IHLs, such as community building circles, listening circles for students affected by sexual violence and/or dating violence.

Your contributions will enable LCCS to continue empowering individuals through restorative practices. Donors will also be eligible for a 250% tax deduction with a minimum $10 donation.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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