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Promoting Restorative Initiatives
to Peacefully End Sexual Violence on Campus

Water Ripple

Our Mission and Vision

To bring victim/survivor-centered restorative processes, based on safety and active responsibility, to address sexual and dating violence amongst students in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs).

Engage to discover needs of peers experiencing violence and the change that needs to happen to create safe campus communities

Equip students with

RJ principles and circles practices to facilitate restorative processes to foster connection and responsibility

Collaborate with stakeholders of IHLs to journey together to build a safe campus community through restorative initiatives.

Support and bear witness to experiences of persons in IHLs who are involved in sexual harm and dating violence to promote healing.

Help us to sustain our work. 

Your donation and support will allow LOVR to continue to provide free workshops and services for students in IHLs, such as community building circles, listening circles for students affected by sexual violence and/or dating violence.

Your contributions will enable LCCS to continue empowering individuals through restorative practices. Donors will also be eligible for a 250% tax deduction with a minimum $10 donation.

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Abstract Background

Reflections from
LOVR members

"LOVR made me know more about myself, and opened up a lot of opportunities for me to improve. It initially seemed to me that my goal is to learn how to better help others, but what I didn't expect was how much I benefited from having a space to share about topics and perspectives that I have never even shared with my family or loved ones."

Yong Sheng

"The engagement gave me the opportunity to reflect on the experiences of various stakeholders in the case of sexual harm, as well as to learn from other participants. It has also opened my eyes to restorative approaches for the first time and challenged my existing perspectives and thoughts. It was a fruitful and unique conversation that I could be a part of!"


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