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Dialogue with Professor David Karp

Promoting Restorative Initiatives to Address Sexual Harm in Campus

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On 20 November 2021, we had a closed-door dialogue with Professor David Karp from the Center for Restorative Justice at the University of San Diego. He had received national awards for his work on campus restorative justice.  David is the author of 'The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Colleges and Universities'.

​In a system and society that are drawn into solutioning for quick fixes, let us take a restorative lens to reflect on what needs to happen to meet the needs of persons affected by sexual harm in the campus:

1.       Create conditions for affected parties to have a voice

2.       Engage to explore and meet needs of affected parties

3.       Create opportunities for persons to take meaningful responsibility

4.       Provide time and space for healing

5.       Provide support to facilitate re-integration

As aptly expressed by a participant: It is "not just about creating restorative programmes in university, but giving student, staff, faculty the restorative experience." This is certainly the first conversation on promoting restorative initiatives to address sexual harm in campus. We look forward to more conversations as we commit to creating a safe and compassionate campus environment.

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