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LCCS REALink! 2021 

Respectful Relationships - Creating a safe environment in campuses

Two student members participated in a livestream episode of LCCS' REALink! - Respectful relationships: Creating a safe environment in campuses on 18 September 2021.

Shannon is an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore and a member of safeNUS, a student-led organization that seeks to advocate for a safer and more inclusive campus while Anissa is an undergraduate at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and the project leader for Project ReKnew.

Faced with rising sexual misconduct cases on campuses, institutional shortcomings and worrying societal attitudes, Shannon, Anissa and REALink! Host, Augustine Anthuvan discussed how can we create campuses that are free from sexual violence.

  1. Adopting a more proactive and upstream approach in building relationships among student groups

  2. Connecting voices through building respectful relationships to safeguard student interests

  3. Creating a safe space to have conversations relating to our attitudes and perspectives towards gender norms, unhealthy stereotypes, consent, respect, and personal boundaries to break structural inhibitions

  4. Creating ownership of a healthy and respectful relationship among the campus community and stakeholders

While it is heartening that campuses are taking steps to address these issues, it is equally important for the various campus stakeholders to come together to foster an inclusive, supportive and open environment to discuss these issues. We are hopeful for more restorative initiatives within campuses to promote campus cultures free from sexual violence.

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