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7 May 2022

Student Engagement - A Different Conversation

On 7 May 2022, 6 SUSS students from Project ReKnew attended a Restorative Practices Framework and Circle Facilitation workshops where they explored the topic of Restorative Justice and Circles. They collaborated with LOVR team members and embarked on a learning journey to ?. Throughout the 2 hours, the students learnt about how listening circles could help survivors of sexual violence. Moving forward, they also brainstormed about the needs of survivors, perpetrators and the community regarding sexual violence.

Before wrapping up the session, participants also participated in a world café where they deliberated and shared their thoughts and perspectives pertaining to their circle facilitation. Themes such as circle topics, skills for a student facilitator and things that they could contribute were shared and discussed. At the end of the session, the Project ReKnew team mused that ?.

LCCS staff fun run (28th Oct) --> 

Republic Polytechnic booth (31st Oct - 2nd Nov) --> 

Republic Polytechnic - a different conversation (8th Nov) --> ask VS/DW/JT to help provide a write up

LOVR run (27th Nov) --> refer to testimonials + include voice print

Church booth?

LOVR a different conversation

Monthly circle gatherings

RJ and circle facilitation workshop

RP a different conversation

School booths

Project Renew?

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